The Vinci

The Vinci is a tool designed for professional engineers known as protocol analyzer & converter.


The Vinci’s industrial design is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing “Vitruvian Man”, which represents the golden ratio of the human body. The elements are positioned so that they would prolong the lines of the drawn figure and create a perfectly ergonomic shape of the device. Form of the tool is convenient for the ergonomic and comfortable usage on the daily basis in the engineers’ professional working field. The Vinci case is made of lightweight 6-series aluminium alloy, which makes it strong enough in harsh environment of professional engineers. Rotation rings on the surface of the product make it more resistant to scratches and small damages.


The Vinci is the best choice for applications requiring the highest versatility of physical serial communication interfaces. Commissioning engineers, system integrators and product developers especially appreciate the possibility to perform wiring and plausibility checks of serial interface wires and convert physical interface from one to another.




Denis Orlenok


October 28, 2021